The Madi Ponte Foundation was organized by the parents, family and friends of Madi. Madison was born 02/07/03 at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, spending her first six and one half months life there. Initially we were admitted to the Newborn Special Care Unit where we stayed for two and one half months and then were were transferred to the Respiratory Care Unit for the remaining four months. Madi underwent several major and minor surgeries while inpatient. We spent many sleepless nights and many hours at Yale. We never wanted Madi to be left alone, if we were at home, she would not have been left alone and therefore the hours were spent at Yale. We met many wonderful people and continue to maintain these relationships.

When Madi passed, we sat down with the nurses and spoke about what we could do in Madi's honor. We knew we wanted to help other people, as this is what Madi always had done, from day one. Without ever realizing it, Madi helped several people in many different ways. The nurses looked at us and said, think about what you went through, how could things have been easier. At first, we just looked at each other, we were very fortunate to have the support we had, our family and friends were extremely supportive from day one. We then looked at the financial aspect and thought, there are others in our situation. One parent who is working, the other parent spending twenty-four hours at the hospital. While inpatient, you pay for a monthly parking pass, if you choose to eat, the cafeteria is available to you. There are costs that come into play, that one doesn't focus on, because your only concern is the health of your child.

We then decided to sit down with our volunteers who make up the Board of Members of the Madi Ponte Foundation. We decided to try to help others by alleviating some of the necessary costs you incur while your child is inpatient.

Madi is an amazing child, with a great deal of love. She taught everyone who came in contact with her to enjoy life and don't take anything for granted. She touched many individuals on several different levels. We continue to think of her every minute of every day. Our love for Madi continues to grow. She is missed tremendously. She has taken a part of our hearts with her, a part that can never be replaced. The loss of a child, is one that no parent should have to go through.


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